Buzzcoil ignition system for model hit & miss engines
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New Ownership!
BuzzcoilBatteryBox is changing hands. Please bear with us through the transition.

Buy Online!
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New Options!
In addition to our regular buzzcoil assembly we now offer two new options for those wishing to provide a remote circuit switch and/or a remote LED. Please contact us if interested in these options.

Better Hall Sensors!
New automotive Hall effect sensors are ordered and will soon be available on the 'Products' page

9 Volt battery!
Already in testing! Run the system from a single 9v battery. No more SLA size and weight!
IMPORTANT! Please visit the new website for current offers and pricing. This is a legacy website for those who have bookmarked. Thank you!

Six volt version now available. Complete with 8" pigtail wires ready for installation. Price $75.00.

More Info
Electronic buzzcoil installed on a 1/3rd scale model of a Hercules drag saw. Buzzcoil is enclosed in a scale sized "battery box" along with coil and sealed lead-acid battery, providing a self-contained ignition for operation at shows. Small size of the buzzcoil allows installation in tight areas, maintaining the scale appearance of your model.